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Thomas Ryan

Tom is the co-Advisor of Buffalo BASIC alongside his wife, Amanda. He’s a recent graduate of UB with a degree in aerospace & mechanical engineering. He’s been a part of BASIC since 2006.

The nitty gritty details:

Your Preferred Choice of Superpower: Breathe under water
The First Thing Bought with Your Own Money: Lib-Tech Snowboard & Airsoft Sniper Rifle
Where’s Waldo? “Silly, he’s right there! I’d be more specific, but the fun is in finding him yourself.”

Three Things You Absolutely Love:
1) My wife (and son and daughter)
2) Rugby
3) Snowboarding

Three Things You Absolutely Abhor:
1) Olives
2) Really bad driving
3) Spiders

Describe one fun fact about you: I am a twin, I have twin sisters, twin cousins, and even my grandma’s a twin, but I have one son (for now)!

Contact Tom!
Twitter: @ThomasRyan32

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