BASIC Buffalo

igniting our generation to know their GOD

Rachel Seah

Rachel is the Treasurer for Buffalo BASIC. Rachel is a Communication’s major at UB and comes to us all the way from the sunny state of California and has been apart of BASIC since 2014.

The nitty gritty details:

Your Preferred Choice of Superpower: Mind reading, so I can try to figure out what my dog is thinking
The First Thing Bought With Your Own Money: Clothes from the mall
Where’s Waldo? Probably at Disney World, because who doesn’t love Disney World?

Three Things You Absolutely Love:
1) My friends!!!
2) Hot Cheetos – the original, regular, no extra flavor add-in ones!
3) Did I mention I love Disney World

Three Things You Absolutely Abhor:
1) The taste of liver
2) Extreme weather, and I mean intense extreme
3) Spiders. Period.

Describe one fun fact about you: I am fun sized, so I guess I’m pretty fun (5 feet tall exactly)


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