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Nicole Colbert

Nicole is the Assistant Advisor for BASIC Buffalo. She loves Jesus and is sold out to live her life for Christ! Nicole has been apart of BASIC since 2014. Nicole graduated from UB with a degree in Human Resources.

Your Preferred Choice of Superpower: Transportation. Definitely.
The First Thing Bought With Your Own Money: Polly Pockets! They were the bomb!
Where’s Waldo? Why should I tell you?

Three Things You Absolutely Love:
1) All things Disney
2) Netflix
3) Swinging on a swing set. You’re never too old to swing, right?

Three Things You Absolutely Abhor:
1) Loud chewing/ slurping, etc.
2)  I can’t stand when someone puts someone else down. We were made to help lift people up!
3) Multiple choice tests. They like to trick me! It’s not nice…

Describe one fun fact about you: September of 2013, I went home for the Annual Applefest in Busti (my hometown). It was just a small little day trip and my one roommate joined me. Well, somewhere along the way we decided that we absolutely needed a cat. So…we found one that needed rescued from craigslist. His name is Binx and we love him. However, I’m pretty sure my other two roommates thought we were crazy when we showed up with a kitten in our hands instead of a bunch of apples!

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