BASIC Buffalo

igniting our generation to know their GOD

Karan Boom Shah

Boom is the President for Buffalo BASIC. Boom is in the aerospace and mechanical engineering program and is passionate for what Jesus is doing at UB. Boom has been apart of BASIC since 2014.

The nitty gritty details:

Your Preferred Choice of Superpower: Super strength and super knowledge
The First Thing Bought With Your Own Money: Don’t remember but should have been food
Where’s Waldo?  Off on his new adventure probably

Three Things You Absolutely Love:
1) God
2) Food
3) Math

Three Things You Absolutely Abhor:
1) Sea food (except sea food in sushi)
2) General Education courses
3) Non artistic / non symmetric organisation of literally anything

Describe one fun fact about you: I love Speed Roller Skating


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